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Precise temperature control and impeccably hygienic conditions

EIGRO offers you a broad range of services relating to hygienic and refrigerated transport:

  • We provide fully equipped vehicles.
  • We design and equip the vehicle you select for hygienic, refrigerated transport.
  • We create practical interiors that are quick and easy to clean. This ensures streamlined logistics and impeccably hygienic conditions.
  • At our workshop, we repair transport refrigeration systems produced by all mainstream manufacturers.
  • We can take care of the necessary inspections and maintenance on request so that your vehicle complies with all statutory requirements.
  • We offer interior-sanitising services.

Our services set us apart

Just like our products, our services are also tailored to meet your needs.

Our website represents only a small sample of what we offer. Please contact us directly to learn more about all the things we do for our customers.